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County Tipperary (Irish: Contae Thiobraid Árann) is a county in Ireland situated in the province of Munster. Tipperary was one of the first Irish counties to be established in the 13th century. For all government administration purposes the county is divided into North Tipperary (county town: Nenagh) and South Tipperary (county town: Clonmel). This division dates back to the Local Government (Ireland) Act 1898, the county's two "ridings" having had separate assize courts for much longer. The use of riding for the divisions was a historical misnomer, since the word derives from the dividing of an area into three parts. Indeed the expression riding has been discontinued for official purposes since 2002.

Tipperary is sometimes referred to as the Premier County, a description attributed to Thomas Davis, Editor of The Nation newspaper in the 1840s as a tribute to the nationalistic feeling in Tipperary and said that "where Tipperary leads, Ireland follows". Tipperary is famous for its horse breeding industry and is the home of Coolmore Stud, which is the largest thoroughbred breeding operation in the world. The County forms a large part of the Golden Vale (or Vein) of Munster, boasting a rich and fertile agricultural landscape. The County particularly nurtures the ancient game of hurling and its teams have regularly been champions of Ireland since the 19th century.

The town of Tipperary situated in the south west of the county was the subject of the famous World War I British army song It's a Long Way to Tipperary. As with several other counties in Ireland named for a town or village (examples include Leitrim and Mayo) Tipperary Town has never been the county town of County Tipperary. That honour belonged to Cashel for a while prior to the creation of the County Palatine and thereafter to Clonmel until the creation of separate assizes in 1838 when Clonmel has shared the honour with Nenagh

Tipperary Town
Carrick On Suir
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Tipperary County
Place: Munster
People: 149,040
Speak: English, Irish
Area: 4,303 km2
GPS: -7.833333, 52.666667