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Galway is located in the west of Ireland and is the second largest county in all of Ireland. Galway is bordered by a number of counties. These include Mayo, Roscommon, Offaly, Clare and Tipperary. The terrain in Galway is very different in the west to the east of the county. The west has mountains, and lakes as well as bogs and rivers. The best area to see this type of terrain is Connemara. In the east the River Shannon flows south and Lough Derg is part of it. Also Lough Corrib in the east of the county is worth checking out for its beauty. Galway is full of beautiful places and amazing scenery. As well as amazing views the people are really friendly and are the easiest going in Ireland. Many attractions can be found in Galway and its landscape is beautiful. This is one place that you will want to come again and again.

The county comprises a number of distinct territories which predate the formation of the county by the English colonial administration in Ireland in the late 1500s. The major ones are Iar Connacht, or 'West Connacht', which covers the portion of the county (and also a small part of County Mayo) west of Loch Corrib and which contains Connemara in the far west and Joyce Country in the north-west. The territory of Aidhne lies in the south of the county and is coextensive with the diocese of Kilmacduagh.

The territory of what was once known as Uí Maine or Tír Maine covers most of the east of the county but also covers south County Roscommon. Maigh Seola covers the portion of the county along the eastern side of Lough Corrib. A number of inhabited islands are administered by the county; they include Oileáin Árann (Aran Islands) and Inis Bó Fine (Inishbofin).

The first inhabitants in the Galway area arrived over 7000 years ago. Shell middens tell us about the existence of people as early as 5000 BC. With the arrival of Christianity many monasteries were built.

County Galway is home to Lough Corrib (the largest lake in the Republic of Ireland) the Na Beanna Beola (Twelve Bens) mountain range, Na Sléibhte Mhám Toirc (the Maum Turk mountains), and the low mountains of Sliabh Echtghe (Slieve Aughty). The highest point in the county is one of the Twelve Bens, Benbaun, at 729m.

Galway City
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Galway County
Place: Connacht
People: 231,035
Speak: English, Irish
Area: 6,148 km2
GPS: -9, 53.333333