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Kildare is situated in the east midlands of Ireland. Kildare is one of the busier places in Ireland due to its closeness to Dublin. Kildare is bordered by quite a number of counties. These include Laois, Offaly, Carlow, Wicklow, Dublin and Meath. Kildare has developed greatly over the last few years due to its closeness to Dublin. Towns like Maynooth and Naas have grown dramatically over the years and now a lot of people commute from Kildare to Dublin every day so they can work. Kildare is a very attractive place and is full of life. The River Liffey to the north of the county flows from the Wicklow Mountain ranges through Kildare and then onto Dublin before it meets the sea. The Royal and Grand Canals flow through Kildare also and has helped growth in the area before times of car and lorry transport. The county has plenty of features and beauty but a lot of it has been affected by the number of houses that are being built here due to the demand for houses in and around Dublin and Kildare. There is plenty to discover in Kildare and plenty to do. The nightlife and culture is great in Kildare and always something to do.

At the centre of the Irish motorway system, County Kildare is one of Ireland's premier sites for inward direct investment from the multinational sector. Kildare currently (2006) contains the European base of electronics firms, Intel and Hewlett Packard, two of the largest employers in this sector in the entire island. Phramaceutical giant Wyeth has its European Manufacturing base in County Kildare, with another plant in nearby Newcactle in County Dublin. Major pizza-making, soft drinks, and frozen food enterprises are located in Naas. Large supermarket distribution centres are located in Naas and Kilcock.

The Irish Army's largest military base, its command headquarters, and its training centre at the Curragh. Allenwood and Timahoe are also the location of large peat burning power stations operated by the state, and Kildare has historically be an employment centre in this sector.

Kildare is the centre of the Irish horse industry. Kildare has more stud farms than any other county in Ireland, and an important racecources at Punchestown, near Naas, and at the leading flat national racecourse at the Curragh. Kildare is also home to the state owned national stud farm, the national equestrian centre in Kill, and Goff's equine auction centre (also in Kill). Most of Ireland's prominent show jumping competitors are located in, or come from county Kildare, especially the areas near Kilcock and Sallins. Several prominent international breeders have substantial stud farms in Kildare, including many from the Arab world.

County Kildare is the richest county in Ireland outside of Dublin, with the lowest unemployment rates in Ireland, throughout the economic recession of the 1980s. Kildare was the first county in Ireland to experience the Celtic Tiger economic boom in the early 1990s, mainly as a result of the decision of Intel to locate between Leixlip and Maynooth, and a pick up in construction boom that predated that of other countries

Kildare Town
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Kildare County
Place: Leinister
People: 186,075
Speak: English, Irish
Area: 1,693 km2
GPS: -6.75, 53.166667