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County Tyrone (Irish: Contae ThÝr Eoghain, Ulster Scots: Coontie Owenslann) is the second largest of the nine counties of Ulster and the largest of the six counties of Northern Ireland. It has an area of 3,155 square kilometres (1,218 square miles).

The county borders the Northern Ireland counties of Armagh, to the south-east, Fermanagh, to the south-west and County Londonderry to the north-east. The county also borders Lough Neagh to the east. The borders with the Republic of Ireland are County Monaghan to the south and County Donegal to the north-west.

Historically Tyrone stretched as far north as Lough Foyle, and comprised part of modern day County Londonderry east of the River Foyle. The majority of County Londonderry was carved out of Tyrone between 1610-1620 when that land went to the Guilds of London to set up profit making schemes based on natural resources located there.

Tyrone was the traditional stronghold of the various O'Neill clans and families, the strongest of the Gaelic Irish families in Ulster, surviving into the seventeenth century. The ancient principality of Tir-Owen, the inheritance of the O'Neills, included the whole of the present counties of Tyrone and Londonderry, and the two baronies of Inishowen and Raphoe in County Donegal.

With an area of 3,155 square kilometres (1,218 square miles), Tyrone is the largest county in Northern Ireland. The flat peatlands of East Tyrone borders the shoreline of the largest lake in Ireland, Lough Neagh, rising gradually across to the more mountainous terrain in the west of the county, the area surrounding the Sperrin Mountains, the highest point being Sawel Mountain at a height of 678 m (2,224 ft). The length of the county, from the mouth of the River Blackwater at Lough Neagh to the western point near Carrickaduff hill is 55 miles. The breadth, from the southern corner, southeast of Fivemiletown, to the northeastern corner near Meenard Mountain is 37.5 miles; giving an area of 1,260 square miles (in 1900).

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Tyrone County
Place: Ulster
People: 166,516
Speak: English
Area: 3,155 km▓
GPS: -7.29, 54.59