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Aillwee Cave
One of Clare's attractions is Aillwee Cave, which has been discovered in the rocky landscrape of Clare. Well worth the visit for the amazing senery.
Bunratty Castle
One of Clare's major attractions is Bunratty Castle. Bunratty Castle is one of the few last standing castles in Ireland that are in good condition. Tours are provided and many people come throughout the year to view it. Well worth a visit if you are in Clare.
Cliffs of Moher
One of Clare's major attractions is Cliffs of Moher. The Cliffs of Moher stand up against the Alantic Ocean that hits off the west of Ireland. Cliffs of Moher protect Clare County from the high waves and winds that hit it during the Winter. They are well worth a visit if you are visiting Clare County or on a drive around Ireland and Clare.
Burren Centre
One of Clare's major attractions is the Burren. The Burren is a large mass of rock that covers large parts of Clare County. Most of the landscrape is covered in rock and attracts thousands of people to it each year for the beautiful landscrape. There is a Tourist Center that supplies information on it. Well worth a visit for the beautiful senery and landscrapes.
West Clare Railway
One of Clare's attractions is the West Clare Railway. This railway provides the chance to take a trip around Clare and sample the sites and sounds that attract so many tourists to the region.
Newtown Castle
One of Clare's attractions is Newtown Castle. This castle has the Burren college of Art and attracts many visitors to it each year.
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Clare Attractions
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