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King Johnís Castle
King Johnís Castle is a perfect place to come if you would like to enjoy beautiful stone work with great senery. If you would like to find out more about the castle click on the email link below to send an email requesting information, so that you perhaps could set up a visit and a tour.
The Hunt Museum
The Hunt Museum allows you to find out about Limerick and the surrounding area. Plenty of information is available and interesting readings are available.
Croom Mills
Croom Mills allows you to tour one of the old mills of Ireland. See how things were done years ago and take a tour of the location. To find out more click on the link below for their website.
Foynes Flying Boat Museum
Foynes Flying Boat Museum is a rare and unique museum. Take a tour of the museum and see what you can find. For more information why not click on their website below to find out more.
Desmond Hall
Desmond Hal is a place to visit if you are looking for information about Newcastle west. Why not drop them an email and they would be happy to tell you more.
Limerick City
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Limerick Attractions
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Place: Munster
People: 131,303
Speak: English, Irish
Area: 2,686 km2
GPS: -8.75, 52.5