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Your Are Here - Home > Counties > Wicklow County > Attractions in Wicklow
Wicklow Mountains National Park
Wicklow Mountains National Park is a great place to come. The views and the senery are one of Ireland's finest.
Black Castle
Black Castle is one of Wicklow's oldest castles. Well worth a visit.
Glendalough - 6th Century Monastic Site
Glendalough - 6th Century Monastic Site is one of Wicklows major attractions. The monastic site is close to the Lakes of Glendalough and attract thousand of visitors each year.
Wicklow's Historic Gaol
Wicklow's Historic Gaol is a perfect place to visit to find out about Wicklow. Why not visit their website to find out more.
Clogga Beach
Clogga Beach is a perfect place to bring the family on a hot Summer day. Plenty of fun for all the young kids.
Arklow Maritime Museum
Arklow Maritime Museum allows you to see different things from the Wicklow Heartland.
Bray Head
Bray Head sticks out into the sea. Great views and senery can be assured here.
Bray Heritage Centre
Bray Heritage Centre is a perfect place to visit if you want to find out about Bray and the surrounding area. All the history is available about the area here.
National Sea Life Centre
National Sea Life Centre is a perfect place for a day out. Bring the family along to see the array of sites on offer.
Wicklow Town
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Wicklow Attractions
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People: 126,194
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