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Antrim is located in the northeast corner of Ireland. Antrim coastline is the closest point that Ireland is to the UK. Antrim is bordered by four counties, Down to the south, Derry to the west, Tyrone to the west and Armagh to the southwest. Antrim has many features that are known throughout Europe and around the world. The Giant Causeway is located in the north of the county and is famous for its volcanic formations. Lough Neagh, which is located to the west of the county is one of Irelandís biggest lakes. Antrim has rich valleys that run through the county and make it quite beautiful, especially in the Summer time. Belfast City is the main City in Antrim and is located in the south of the county. Antrim is a great place to visit due to its beauty and history.

Belfast City
Antrim Town
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Antrim Gallery
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