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Limerick is located on the mouth of the river Shannon. It is in the southwest corner of Ireland bordered by Kerry, Cork, Tipperary and Clare. Limerick is rich in scenery with the Golden Vale, which is the heartland of farming in the south of Ireland, and the Galtee Mountains. Limerick is becoming a very modern place and is full of things to do and see. Boat trips up the River Shannon are a great way of seeing Ireland at its best and boating holidays can be made throughout the year. Limerick is a great place to come to and the city has many great features to it.

The River Shannon flows through the city of Limerick and into the Atlantic Ocean at the north of the county. Below the city, the waterway is known as the Shannon Estuary. Because the estuary is shallow, the county's most important port is several kilometres west of Limerick city, at Foynes.

Limerick City
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Limerick Gallery
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Place: Munster
People: 131,303
Speak: English, Irish
Area: 2,686 km2
GPS: -8.75, 52.5