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Waterford is situated in the South-East of Ireland. It is situated on the coast and with many mountains and rivers makes Waterford a very attractive place to come and relax.

The rest of the county consists of flat land, ripe in farming. Many rivers flow through Waterford County and makes it ideal for fishing. Many surrounding counties are ideal for hill walking. Also many golf courses and options for angling are available in Waterford.

County Waterford has two mountain ranges, the Knockmealdown Mountains and the Comeragh Mountains. The highest point in the county is Knockmealdown, at 794m. It also has many rivers, including Ireland's third longest river, the River Suir (184 km); and Ireland's fourth longest river, the Munster Blackwater (168km). There are over 30 beaches along Waterford's volcanic coast line. The county is one of the few in Ireland with a Gaeltacht, an area with native Irish speaking people.

The landscape in Waterford is excellent with many long sandy beaches and beautiful mountains, valleys and rivers. Waterford mixes its heritage with the new modern Waterford that many visitors over the past years have enjoyed. It is a great place to discover and somewhere where you will come time and time again.

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