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Wexford is located in the southeast corner of Ireland. The rest of the country cuts off the county by a series of mountains that run up along its border. The counties that border Wexford are wexford, Waterford, Carlow and Wicklow. Many don't know but Wexford is the largest county in Leinster. Wexford is a very attractive place to visit, the coast has plenty of great beaches that are all safe for swimming and in the summer time it's a great way of spending a few hours. Wexford is a great place to visit, either for the towns and the history associated with them to the people that live there. The people in Wexford are very friendly and welcome everyone that comes here. Wexford has many festivals throughout the year and one of them that many people enjoy is the Strawberry Festival, which sounds like a great day out when people suggest it. Wexford is full of things to see and do and the coast is one of the most attractive features in the southeast. Enjoy the ocean air and take a walk along the long sandy beaches that Wexford has to offer. Also Wexford has a port in Rosslare that allows cars and lorries go from Ireland to Britain in a few hours so it's a great chance of getting from one country to another at really affordable prices.

Wexford Town
New Ross
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Wexford Gallery
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Place: Leinister
People: 131,749
Speak: English, Irish
Area: 2,353.19 km2
GPS: -6.666667, 52.5