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Galway City
Galway (Irish: Gaillimh) is the only city in the province of Connacht in Ireland. The city is located on the west coast of Ireland. In Irish, Galway is also called Cathair na Gaillimhe: "City of Galway".

The city takes its name from the Gaillimh river (River Corrib) that formed the wester.. Read More
Ballinasloe (Irish: Béal Átha na Slua, meaning Mouth of the Ford of the Hosts) is a town in the eastern extremity of County Galway in Ireland.

The town developed as a crossing point on the River Suck, a tributary of the Shannon. The Irish placename — meaning the mouth of the ford of the c.. Read More
Loughrae is one of the larger southern towns in Galway. It is a very attractive place with plenty of history. Loughrae has developed over the years into a busy market town and has become very attractive place. The town is growing and many people have moved there due to the peaceful surrounds tha.. Read More
Tuam is located in the northern half of Galway. The town has many places of interest such as St Mary's Cathedral. The town also has working mill called Little Mill, which shows the workings of a mill and how old Ireland use to function. This is a great place to come to if you want to discover th.. Read More
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Galway Towns
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Place: Connacht
People: 231,035
Speak: English, Irish
Area: 6,148 km2
GPS: -9, 53.333333