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Waterford City
Waterford (from the Old Norse: Veðrafjorðr meaning "Ram fjord" or Windy fjord; Irish: Port Láirge, meaning Hilly Shore) is a city in Ireland. It is the primary city of the South East region, and the fifth largest in the country. Founded in 914 AD, by the Vikings, it is Ireland's oldest city, and its.. Read More
Tramore (Irish: Trá Mhór, meaning big strand (or beach)) is a seaside town in County Waterford on the southeast coast of Ireland. A small fishing village until the arrival of the railway in 1853, the town has continually expanded since. Initially as a tourist destination and latterly as a seaside su.. Read More
Lismore (Lios Mór in Irish, meaning "Great Enclosure") is a town in County Waterford, Ireland. It was founded by Saint Mochuda, also known as Saint Carthage. Lismore is located where the N72 road crosses the River Blackwater. In the 7th century, Lismore was the site of the well-known Lismore Abbey. .. Read More
Dungarvan (Dún Garbháin in Irish) is a town and harbour on the south coast of Ireland in the province of Munster. Dungarvan is the administrative centre of County Waterford. The town's Irish name means "Garbhan's fort", referring to Saint Garbhan who founded a church there in the seventh century. Th.. Read More
Passage East
Passage East lies west of Waterford City. It is known as the market town. It is full of ancient history dating back to the Stone Age. With the presence of many castles and caves make for great adventures and photo shoots. Along with plenty of site seeing Passage East is becoming a modern town fu.. Read More
Dunmore East
Dunmore East (An Dún Mór Thoir in Irish) is a popular tourist and fishing village village in County Waterford, Ireland. Situated on the west side of Waterford Harbour on Ireland's southeastern coast, it lies within the barony of Gaultier (Gáll Tír – "foreigners' land" in Irish): a reference to the i.. Read More
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Waterford Towns
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Place: Munster
People: 107,961
Speak: English, Irish
Area: 1,837 km2
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