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Castlecomer (Irish: Caisleán an Chomair) is the main town in north County Kilkenny, Ireland. It is located in the province of Leinster at the meeting of N78 and R694 roads about 16 km (10 mi) roads north of Kilkenny in the south-east of the island of Ireland. Castlecomer is a census town with a population of about 1531.

It is known as the Unofficial Capital of North Kilkenny. Caisleán an Chumair means "The castle at the confluence of the rivers" of which there are three, the Deen, the Brocagh, and the Clohogue. Castlecomer takes its name from the local castle which was built by the Normans in 1171 on the mound opposite the present gates to the Castlecomer Demesne.

The original castle was built of wood and was replaced by a stone structure by Earl Marshall about the year 1200. When Sibella, the great-granddaughter of the Norman leader Strongbow, was granted the manor in 1219, the local Brennan chiefs retreated to the hills and lived an independent life until the plantation of Castlecomer by the Earl of Strafford.

In 1637 120 square kilometres (30,000 acres) were granted to Christopher Wandesford by his cousin, the Earl of Strafford, the King's Deputy. Wandesforde laid out the town of Castlecomer, Ireland's first town in stone and mortar. The Wandesford family started a coal mine there. Castlecomer is known for the Deerpark Mines, which produced large amount of anthracite coal until it was closed after 300 years in the late 1960's. Castlecomer was one of six coal-districts in Ireland. Others were located in the Tipperary district, the Munster district, Lough Allen district and the Monaghan and Tyrone district. There was also some coal in Antrim.

Erin's Own GAA is the local Gaelic Athletic Association club.

Deen Celtic A.F.C. is the local Soccer Club in Castlecomer.

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In: Kilkenny
People: 1,531
Speak: English
Type: Market Town
GPS: -7.198792, 52.801101