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Inistioge (Inis Tíog in Irish) is a small scenic village in County Kilkenny, Ireland. It is situated on the River Nore, 25 kilometres (16 mi) southeast of Kilkenny.

Inistioge has been the scene for a number of films, most notably Circle of Friends and Widows' Peak. The picturesque Woodstock Estate is located one mile (1.6 km) outside the village.

The bridge that crosses the River Nore spans 10 arches and it looks amazing. It stands today after years and years of crossings. Inistioge itself is a wonderful place. The center of the town as a square shaped center that is surrounded by cottages on either side and in the center trees surround the square. As well as that the lawns by the river banks are well taken care of and look great in the summer time. Many films have been made in Inistioge and this shows that it's a place that many consider to be of great quality. The town has many interesting areas and plenty to see and do while you are here. There is a park near Inistioge as well as a castle as well as many others that need to be experienced. Inistioge is a great place to come to for a few days so that you can relax in this beautiful town and enjoy the River Nore as well.

The earliest recorded reference to Inistioge refers to a battle between the kingdom of Osraighi and an army of Norse, recorded as taking place in the year 962 AD in the Annals of the Four Masters.

The well-known Gaelic Athletic Association club Rower-Inistioge GAA has its home ground here. The club has had many All Ireland medal-winning players including Eddie Keher, Sean Cummins, Kieran Joyce and Liam Tierney.
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In: Kilkenny
People: 2500
Speak: English
Type: Tourist Village
GPS: -7.064896, 52.487798