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Cavan (Irish: An Cabhán, meaning ‘The Hollow’) is the county seat of County Cavan in Ireland. The town lies in the northeast of the island, along the border with Northern Ireland. The town is located on the main road - the N3 road - linking Dublin (to the south) with Enniskillen, Ballyshannon and Donegal Town (to the north). The county is often referred to as the Breffni County.

The O'Reilly family (still a very common surname in the area) established a castle in the town in the late 13th century. A Franciscan monastery was also established at around the same time. In the 15th century the local ruler, Bearded Owen O'Reilly, set up a market which attracted merchants from Dublin and Drogheda. King James I of England granted the town a charter in 1610. In the early 19th century, the Maxwells, Lords Farnham of Cromwellian origin, built a new wide street that still bears the name Farnham Street. This was lined with comfortable town houses, public buildings (such as the courthouse which dates from 1825, and churches. The term life of Reilly was credited to the Reilly clans due to their great wealth and power, having issued their own currency during the 1600s.

In the late 19th century, Cavan became an important rail junction between the midland and western lines and those of the Northern Railways. The Town Hall was built in 1909. In 1938, work began on the Roman Catholic Cathedral of Saints Patrick and Felim. Three miles west of Cavan Town is the Church of Ireland Kilmore Cathedral, which contains a Romanesque doorway dating from the 12th century. Farnham House, to the northwest of Cavan, is one of the largest houses in the county. It is believed to have been built for the Maxwell family - who hold the title of Baron Farnham - in 1810, and designed by Francis Johnston, a County Armagh-born, but Dublin-based, architect. It was recently sold by the widowed Lady Farnham to a local entrepreneur, and the house and estate has now been converted to a luxury hotel and leisure complex under the Radisson SAS international hotel group. Cavan has been twinned with Jaunay Clan, in the Vienne département of France.

Cavan Town
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Cavan Town
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Cavan Town
In: Cavan
People: 3,954
Speak: English
Type: Market Town
GPS: -7.360067, 53.991019