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Mallow (Irish Magh Eala "valley of the swans") is the "Crossroads of Munster" and the administrative capital of north County Cork, in Ireland. The Northern Divisional Offices of Cork County Council are located in the town.

Set deep in the Blackwater Valley, Mallow was traditionally an agricultural market town but due to vast improvements in infrastructure, coupled with significant promotion and investment from the Mallow Town Council and the private sector, the town has become a thriving business and satellite town.

Evidence of pre-historic settlement is found in Beenalaght (13.6km/8.5 miles south-west of Mallow), where an alignment of six standing stones lie on a hill to the west of the Mallow-Coachford Road.

During the Anglo-Irish war, the town was the HQ of the North Cork Militia - known as North Cork Rifles. The town's RIC barracks was the only one captured nationwide during the War of Independence. In retaliation, several main street premises were subsequently torched by the British Army (and not the Black and Tans as is sometimes reported).

Mrs King, wife of Capt W H King, RIC was killed during attempt to kill Capt King near Mallow Railway station. In retaliation, British military and Black and Tans killed three railway workers-Patrick Devitt, Daniel Mullane and Bennett. The murders prompted industrial action by the National Railworkers Union in Britain and Ireland.

Founded in 1882, Mallow Rugby Club is one of the oldest rugby clubs in the country and one of the predominant sporting clubs in the area. The club has recently won both League and Cup in 2005/2006 season and attained promotion to Munster Junior League Division Two. In the 2006/2007 season the club have consolidated their position in Division Two and have qualified for the All Ireland Junior Club competition.

The towns association football club, Mallow United Football Club, was founded in 1926 and fields senior, junior, schoolboy, and schoolgirl soccer teams in the Munster Leagues.

Mallow Golf Club, founded in 1947,is located just outside Mallow and has 18 holes.

The local racecourse, now renamed "Cork Racecourse at Mallow", plays host to large horse racing events.

Mallow GAA is the town's GAA club.

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In: Cork
People: 7,864
Speak: English
Type: Market Town
GPS: -8.6415, 52.131