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Your Are Here - Home > Counties > Donegal County > Ballybofey
Ballybofey (Bealach Féich - Fiach's Road, or alternatively Bailebo Fiach - bailebo: that area of land assessed for one cow as a yearly tax) is a town located on the south bank of the River Finn, County Donegal, Ireland. Along with the smaller town of Stranorlar on the north side of the River Finn, Ballybofey makes up the Twin Towns.

The town grew rapidly in the 19th and 20th centuries. Ballybofey also plays host to the Twin Towns Festival which takes place annually. The centrepiece of the festival is a parade on the Sunday. The last of these took place on 19 August 2007. Interestingly there are no schools or churches in the town of Ballybofey itself, with all these amenities lying either across the bridge in Stranorlar or outside the town limits.

Ballybofey is home to Finn Park where eircom League side Finn Harps play their home games.
Sean MacCumhail Park is also located in Ballybofey, where Donegal GAA play their home games. The fishing rights are owned by the local anglers' club.

Donegal Town
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In: Donegal
People: 3,300
Speak: English, Irish
Type: Tourist Town
GPS: -7.79, 54.8