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Your Are Here - Home > Counties > Galway County > Ballinasloe
Ballinasloe (Irish: Béal Átha na Slua, meaning Mouth of the Ford of the Hosts) is a town in the eastern extremity of County Galway in Ireland.

The town developed as a crossing point on the River Suck, a tributary of the Shannon. The Irish placename — meaning the mouth of the ford of the crowds — reflects this purpose. The latter part of the name suggests the town has been a meeting place since ancient times. A new public marina has been developed on the river in recent years that allows traffic from the Shannon navigation to access the town.

The patron saint of Ballinasloe is Saint Grellan, whom tradition believes built the first church in the area at Kilcloony. A local housing estate, the branch of Conradh na Gaeilge, and formerly a school are named after him.

Ballinasloe itself harbours historically rich soccer, golf, and rugby clubs, whilst also containing the Duggan Park Gaelic Athletic Association grounds. Gaelic games are perhaps the most deeply entrenched and most popular sporting culture in the town, most of all in its surrounding hinterland. The local GAA clubs are Ballinasloe GAA (incorporating St Grellan's Gaelic football club and Ballinasloe Hurling Club) and Ballinasloe Camogie Club.
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In: Galway
People: 6,051
Speak: English, Irish
Type: Market Town
GPS: -8.2194, 53.3275